Statement of Purpose

Friends and colleagues know me as an abstract thinker that loves to imagine and invent. I enjoy thinking about new uses for various technologies, especially those that are in their infancy and burgeoning. I find that these circumstances bolster my own creativity, inspiration, and innovation.

Although I’ve always thought substantively about the issues and projects that I work on, I’ve previously never had the opportunity to think about the global externalities, policy implications, and extensions of the ideas that I believe in.

This changed during my time at SIPA, and I’m hoping that this blog enables me to elaborate on and put forth these thoughts in a coherent and unprecedented manner. Further, I hope this site acts as resource for those that are also engaged in the exploration of cyber, both in terms of policy and visionary development.

A note on attribution…

I’m an avid supporter of open source software and I believe that the same goes for ideas as well. Evolutionary change comes when everyone has access to the same resources, whether tangible or intangible. Thus, the ideas on this site are open for modification, adaptation, and commercial use (a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License if you will). All I ask is that you attribute the original ideas to me.

However, for the price of attribution, I’m certainly happy to engage with you! Let’s open a dialogue or debate and improve upon the ideas! If you think you have a better method, implementation, use case, or way to build the concept, I’d love to talk about it. Please reach out to me and let’s forge the new path together.

A note on sources…

I strive to document and attribute sources as comprehensively and exhaustively as possible and I will continue to do so as this site grows and the posts grow in volume. However, we’re all prone to subconsciously consuming information (especially when it comes in a rapid, bite-sized, and easily digestible format from sources such as reddit or twitter). As such, if I’ve misattributed or neglected to include a source, please let me know and I’ll correct the mistake.

Finally, unless otherwise noted, I represent that the ideas on this site are mine, and are not those of my employers, both past and present.